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BoroughbridgeBoroughbridge House


Boroughbridge is a small town in the Vale of York and was an old coaching stop on the Great North Road before the days of the A1 road. There are many old inns and quaint buildings and the market square is still cobbled.


Boroughbridge shops

The river Ure flows through Boroughbridge and is home to a marina. There is a very short but attractive canal which runs parallel to the river so that craft can navigate around the weir on the river - it's less than a mile long! There are pleasant walks along the canal to the canal lock and plenty of fishing is available here although the canal banks are rather steep.



Boroughbridge GreengrocerBoroughbridge's shops are more traditional shops with none of the usual high street shops present. There are lovely displays of fruit, vegetables and flowers and some nice tea shops.

A mile west of Boroughbridge are the "Devil's Arrows" : three stones which were erected in prehistoric times the tallest is 6.8m.

Devil's Arrows Boroughbridge